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Introducing Dust free sanding Perth.

Zero airbourne dust floor sanding for enhanced air quality.

How we operate.

Dust free floor sanding Perth, has changed the face of, timber floor sanding, in Western Australia forever and theres no excuse for anything less. We are the only, hardwood timber floor polishing, and timber floor sanding, company in Western Australia to offer genuine ZERO airborne dust free floor sanding and restoration technology. We have been sanding and restoring timber floors for over twenty eight years and from day one have prided ourselves on good old fashioned customer service blended with unique modern advanced floor sanding and refinishing technology. We are proud ATFA members and also certified Dust Free by Bona Australia. Our zero dust system is not to be confused with those claiming to be "low dust" operators. when we hear the term 95% dustless this usually refers to a belt sanding machine which will have a calico dust bag attached. The machine % rating refers to the factory condition and this percentage will drop drastically after first use! Further more there are many other machines and tools used in the sanding and finishing process which will not be classed as “low dust” and if they are just attached to a standard work vacuum cleaner then potential fire risk is high as fine sanding dust and the static electricity created do not mix! These vacuum cleaners also expel dangerous fine dust particles back into the air which really defeats the object. . All of our professional sanding equipment is connected to a full Zero dust containment (anti static) ducted system with HEPA filtration which is completely sealed and placed outside your property and specifically designed to filter out fine wood dust particles This along with our European low VOC waterborne and natural oil, wood floor refinishing, systems eliminates carcinogenic sanding dust and high toxic solvent chemicals fumes from your home or work place. You will not be left breathing in or cleaning up messy toxic dust, just a beautiful natural looking restored timber floor. We are named "Dust free sanding Perth" for a reason.


"I have always prided myself on offering a polite, informal yet professional service to all of my customers and the same goes for my team - the service we offer at the Dust Free Sanding Perth Company is nothing but the best…"  — Rob Stamper

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